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Carp are the largest members of the minnow family. They are heavy-bodied fish and are usually bronze coloured with large scales, each with a dark spot at the base. Their dorsal fin is long, containing one serrated spine in the front of the fin and more than 16 soft rays. They have two barbels on each side of the upper jaw.

There are two day-ticket waters on the island. Millbrook and Dannemarche reservoirs are fishable for:- Seniors and Juniors. No pike are to be found in the reservoirs. There are ground bait restrictions and night fishing is allowed. Species present are roach, rudd, bream, carp, tench and perch.

Carp “Corner”

There is a  continuing increase in popularity of fishing for Carp in Jersey.

 This is a specialist type of fishing which can involve long hours of inactivity waiting for those “glued” bobbins to move and for this reason it is helpful to go over a few of the unwritten rules, if you like, a Code of Conduct.

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Members are able to fish at Dannemarche and Millbrook Reservoirs in Waterworks Valley, Grand Vaux Reservoir, and St Catherine's Reservoir at the edge of Rozel Woods plus waters at the Les Mielles Golf Complex near St Ouen's Bay. There are no pike, catfish, zander or other large predators but you will find stocks of bream, tench, roach, perch, common and mirror carp, rudd and common eels. There is also carp fishing at St.Catherine’s.

You will also find the Island's largest natural fresh water fishery at St.Ouen's pond and nearby top pond.

Day ticket anglers are able to fish at Dannemarche, Millbrook Reservoirs and St Catherine’s. Here you will find stocks of bream, tench, roach, perch, common carp, rudd and common eels.

There is no close season for coarse fishing except on St Ouen’s Pond and nearby top pond.

Overseas membership is available which allows fishing on all the Association's waters at a very reasonable rate. Millbrook, Dannemarche and St Catherine’s  reservoirs are available on Day and Weekly permits.

Day and season tickets are also available from the membership secretary and day tickets from tackle shops.

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Coarse Fishing

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