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Grand Vaux reservoir is located in St. Saviour and was constructed in 1952. The reservoir holds just over 50 million gallons. The dam is 141m long and 15m high.

Located not far out of town in the parish of St. Saviour, Grand Vaux Reservoir was the first big development by the Water Works company after the occupation of Jersey during the second World War. It was completed in 1952.

It’s not open to the general public but the beautiful area can be viewed from the road side. It is used by members of the Jersey Freshwater Angling Association. Grand Vaux is now a coarse water and has been stocked with carp to over 30lb.  There are still some perch in there too.  Like other stretches of water in Jersey, Grand Vaux also has lots of Rudd and Freshwater Eels. But interestingly these fish were not put there deliberately.

Rudd are thought to make it to reservoirs via inlet steams. Another theory is that fish eggs are picked up by the webbed feet of ducks and transferred when they land on another area of water. The Common or Freshwater Eels are found in most stretches of British water. They have a complex life cycle and can live for a number of decades.

As we have just got this water we do not, as yet, know what else is in there