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Since operations at Les Mielles on Jersey’s west coast began, excavations have left an area of fresh water at least two and a half times the size of St Ouen’s Pond.

Reservoirs providing water for the community are, by comparison, immensely deep, have no constant level and little or no marginal growth. They are in fact large water tanks. The Simon Sand water has the potential to become a nature reserve of enormous benefit to the community and will unquestionably add to the richness and diversity to Les Mielles, Jersey’s ‘National Park’.

The top picture is of the south canal.  The  ropes are to prevent cormorants. The 2nd picture is the horseshoe and the 3rd picture is the bowl from peg 1 south canal.  These waters are on a golf course and care needs to be taken when fishing here and golfers have the right of way while getting to or leaving your peg.

Les Mielles