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Millbrook reservoir was constructed in 1890. It is located in Water Works Valley in St. Lawrence. As the smallest of Jersey's six raw water reservoirs, it holds up to 8 million gallons. The dam is 57.3m in length and 6m high.

Millbrook Reservoir is the oldest of Jersey's six raw water reservoirs and was built in 1890, It's situated at Water Works Valley in St. Lawrence, not far away from the bigger Dannemarche Reservoir, also in the valley.

Before Millbrook Reservoir was constructed the area was grazing land and was sparsely wooded. In the late 1800s it cost £6,767 to build.

These days as well as storing water it's one of the reservoirs used by Jersey Freshwater Angling Association.

Millbrook is stocked with bream to 6lb, tench to 6lb 8oz, roach, gudgeon 1oz association record, eels to over 5lb association record, carp to 20lb, perch to 4lb 3oz 8drms association record and trout. As with all course water fishing they must be put back in the water after being weighed. This differs from Trout fishing waters where some fish can be taken home.