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Queen's Valley is the largest reservoir in Jersey and holds 262 million gallons of water. Construction of the reservoir was completed in 1991. The dam is 175 m in length and 24 m high.

The reservoir is the Company's largest holding up to 1,193 megalitres of untreated water (enough to supply Jersey with water for approximately 48 days). The reservoir is in fact two reservoirs with the lower section being by far the largest. The wall is a rock filled embankment with a bituminous concrete core. A 1.9 mile footpath around the reservoir is open to the public.

The reservoir has a natural wealth of flora and fauna and is home to many species of birds and wildlife. An arboretum has been created at the reservoir. This garden devoted to trees provides a lush and safe environment for wildlife.

Today it is enjoyed by people who walk around it and by freshwater fishermen. Fishing is only permitted to members of the Jersey Freshwater Angling Association and only in certain locations.

Queens Valley is stocked with rainbow trout (fly) over 8lbs and brown trout, salmon are no longer stocked 3lb 4oz 8drms association record.  This water contains coarse fish but is fly fishing only, catch and release is now allowed, day tickets are available.

 The season is from mid-April through to end-October.