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Val de la Mare and Queens Valley reservoirs are fly-only waters well stocked with rainbows and browns. The season is from mid-April through to end-October.

Recommended is a 7-8 with fast sinker for the early season. Later a medium sinker, progressing to dry fly techniques in the warmer part of the summer. Choose standard reservoir pattern flies; a preference for green thorax and green tails, also anything big and black/silver.

Trout Fishing

Rainbow Trout have white mouths, black spots, and have no more than twelve anal fin rays. These fish spend all of their life in the stream or lake they were born in. Rainbow Trout eat insects and fish smaller than itself. The Rainbow Trout prefer water temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainbow Trout are known as “Great Migrators” or “Wanderers”. Many Rainbow Trout spawn in early spring, and some spawn in fall. They lay their eggs in the bottom of the water source in gravel at the head of the riffle area. Rainbow Trout do not die after laying their eggs. After six years, young Rainbows can weigh up to sixteen pounds.

2016 Trout Season Report

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