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This reservoir in St. Peter and St. Ouen is the island's second biggest after Queen's Valley. It’s open to the public and the picturesque 2.8 mile (4.5km) route around the reservoir is popular with walkers.

If you look out across the water you may see bubbling in some areas. This is underwater machinery creating the bubbles to mix the water and improve quality. A range of wild life can be spotted at Val de la Mare. Nest boxes have been put up to encourage owls.

Val de la Mare is a trout fishery and was closed in 2011 for maintenance work and will be open for the 2012 trout season.

Val de la Mare was constructed in 1962. The reservoir holds up to 938.7 Megalitres. The dam is 192.9m long and 32.81m high. Members of the local club are permitted to fish the reservoir.

Val de la Mare Reservoir